Keep on running

The Ant was standing in her front garden on Sunday, when a trio of young black men walked by at a fast pace.  One of them looked behind, called out in alarm, and took off, followed closely by his companions.  Sleek, suberbly fit, fast and totally in tune with their environment, they sprinted deftly around the corner, with all the grace of an Italian sports car, or a Jaguar chasing his prey.

A few seconds later, a large, rotund Metropolitan Policewoman came trotting down the road, as fast as her short legs could carry her, red faced, huffing and puffing, and talking earnestly into her radio in between gasps.

The Ant observed the scene, and was reminded that, in the urban jungle, and in the rapidly approaching social and economic apocalypse, speed, power and ruthlessness, are  essential for survival, qualities clearly lacking in the local indigenous population of London, which is why they will soon disappear without trace.

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