Immigration and English

The Ant was passing through Golders Green recently, and as it was a beautiful sunny day, she decided to visit Childs Hill Park. As she walked to the cafe on the eastern side, she passed several hundred people, also enjoying the park, playing football, picnicking, and generally making use of the facilities. The only strange aspect of this otherwise unremarkable experience was that not one of the people she passed spoke English .

After purchasing a cup of tea at the Albanian owned cafe, the owner of whom can barely speak a word of English, and relaxing on the grass, the Ant reflected on the recent pronouncements by David Cameron, that immigrants should learn English, and wondered why on earth he bothered to even mention this issue, as non English speakers are the majority in vast swathes of London, and they live their lives perfectly happily.

Childs Hill Park Golders Green, London:  English not spoken here

Perhaps the few remaining members of the English speaking community should learn some of the 400 languages spoken in London, and thereby enjoy the wonderful enrichment that uncontrolled unlimited immigration has brought us. Or move away, while they still can.

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