Hard Working Immigrants

Like all British people, the Ant loves all immigrants and brown skinned people, because they are wonderful, hard working people, without whom the economy would collapse.

Imagine her surprise, therefore, when, on a recent daytime visit to Croydon, in Surrey, there was hardly a white British face to be seen, and all the people out shopping and enjoying their leisure time were dark skinned and foreign folks, as illustrated by the picture below:

Immigrants and dark skinned folks contributing to the economy in Croydon
The Ant was slightly mystified by this, until she realised what was happening: All these people are working, but obviously, they must be doing night shifts, thereby sparing the British indigenous folks from having to work unsociable hours!

How lucky we are that they have decided to come all the way from their own countries just to ‘enrich’ us in this way!

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