Hate Crime?

The other day, the Ant was sitting in her front room, when she heard a commotion outside. Looking out of her window, she saw that four Police vans were parked in her street, and 3 burly policemen were banging on her next door neighbour’s door. Not wanting to get involved, she looked away, but a short time later, she saw her neighbour being dragged handcuffed from her home and shoved roughly in to the back of a police van.

Convinced that she lived next door to an axe murder, or at the very least a terrorist, the Ant reflected on the narrow escape she had had, living in such close proximity to such an evil criminal, and breathed a sigh of relief that her neighbour had been apprehended, and no doubt banged up for a significant period of time, before any serious damage had been done. Well done to the brave boys in blue!

A couple of days later, the Ant was surprised to see her neighbour in the garden, and, curiosity getting the better of her, she asked what had happened. Apparantly, she and another neighbour had been involved in a minor argument, which culminated in her calling him a ‘poof’. He had then complained to the Police, which resulted in her arrest, her home being searched , her computer, personal papers and £500 in cash being taken (as ‘evidence’) , her children temporarily taken in to care, and her being dragged violently out of her home in handcuffs, and taken to the local nick, on a charge of ‘hate crime‘.

After 15 hours being held in a freezing cold, faeces smeared cell, with nothing to eat or drink, she was taken to an interview room, and a brisk ‘confess now and we’ll go easy on you’ session ensued. By this time she was so desperate to get out that she agreed to accept a caution, after which she was immediately released, miles from home, with no money, at 3 in the morning. This, of course, is a fantastic result for the Police and the authorities: They have acquired some useful computer equipment, £500 cash, (which, of course, they will never return to the owner) and a conviction for hate crime to add to their Home Office statistics.

My neighbour now has a criminal conviction which means she will be unable to get a job with any government or quasi government organisation, and post traumatic stress disorder. Being of limited means, she can’t find the money to buy a new computer, and has no way of replacing the £500, her life savings, stolen by the authorities.

The Ant is a fan of documentaries on TV showing the police in action, but sifting through all her extensive memories of all the action she has seen, she can not remember seeing the police bravely arresting a middle aged woman and stealing her possessions, for calling someone a ‘poof’. Maybe this is something the Police aren’t proud of?

The Ant remembers, only a few years ago, when calling someone a ‘poof’ or ‘queer’, or ‘shirtlifter’, or similar, was not a crime, and everybody seemed to get along much better. Now, she is asking herself how on earth our civil authorities have turned our once great nation into a lunatic asylum, without anybody seeming to notice.

Ah well, such is life.

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