Ethnic Cleansing and Aviation

The Ant was flying home from Qatar after a much needed holiday, recently. As she approached her seat she noted that the other seats in the row, and the row ahead, were occupied by a family of south Asians, including two screaming children, various women in traditional dress, and two enormous, grossly overweight men.
Fly Qatar Airways or any other airline, flying to Asia, and risk being ethincally cleansed

The Ant indicated that she held a boarding pass for a seat which was already festooned with coats, bags and assorted baby paraphernalia, and space was reluctantly made so that she could sit down. A smell of fetid breath and unwashed bodies assaulted her senses, and she realised that this journey was not going to be a pleasant experience. Worse still, as the plane took off, the male family member next to her started moving his body so as to invade her space, until she was being crushed against the window. This, along with the hostile glances in her direction, made her realise that there was a concerted campaign to make her move away.

As soon as the seatbelt sign went off, a stewardess appeared, and the ant explained that she was being forced out of her seat and could she move. The attendant, apparantly completely unsurprised by this occurrence, indicated a seat further forward, in a safe, caucasian part of the plane. The ant moved, and completed her journey in relative comfort.

As she sat counting the hours until the end of a long, tedious flight, the ant reflected that what had happened to her was a microcosm of the process of ethnic cleansing which is taking place all over the United Kingdom. A simple combination of obnoxious behaviour and concerted pressure is used to force the indigenous population to leave an area, so that it can be colonised by immigrants.

The Ant thought, as she handed her passport to an Asian immigration officer, and noted that there was hardly a white face to be seen at Heathrow, that probably, one day, her kinfolk would all be forced into the sea, when there are no more white areas left to escape to.

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