Hard Working Immigrants

Like all British people, the Ant loves all immigrants and brown skinned people, because they are wonderful, hard working people, without whom the economy would collapse.

Imagine her surprise, therefore, when, on a recent daytime visit to Croydon, in Surrey, there was hardly a white British face to be seen, and all the people out shopping and enjoying their leisure time were dark skinned and foreign folks, as illustrated by the picture below:

Immigrants and dark skinned folks contributing to the economy in Croydon
The Ant was slightly mystified by this, until she realised what was happening: All these people are working, but obviously, they must be doing night shifts, thereby sparing the British indigenous folks from having to work unsociable hours!

How lucky we are that they have decided to come all the way from their own countries just to ‘enrich’ us in this way!

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Immigration and English

The Ant was passing through Golders Green recently, and as it was a beautiful sunny day, she decided to visit Childs Hill Park. As she walked to the cafe on the eastern side, she passed several hundred people, also enjoying the park, playing football, picnicking, and generally making use of the facilities. The only strange aspect of this otherwise unremarkable experience was that not one of the people she passed spoke English .

After purchasing a cup of tea at the Albanian owned cafe, the owner of whom can barely speak a word of English, and relaxing on the grass, the Ant reflected on the recent pronouncements by David Cameron, that immigrants should learn English, and wondered why on earth he bothered to even mention this issue, as non English speakers are the majority in vast swathes of London, and they live their lives perfectly happily.

Childs Hill Park Golders Green, London:  English not spoken here

Perhaps the few remaining members of the English speaking community should learn some of the 400 languages spoken in London, and thereby enjoy the wonderful enrichment that uncontrolled unlimited immigration has brought us. Or move away, while they still can.

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The other day, the Ant went in to a Synagogue for the first time, to attend the Bar Mitzvah (coming of age ceremony) of the son of a friend, who is an Orthodox Jew. After putting on a borrowed cap and scarf, (obligatory before entry) the Ant sat down in the special female section and observed proceedings.

The Ant is nominally a Christian, and has occasionally attended church services, and, as Christianity and Judaism share similar theological roots, she had the vague expectation that the services would be similar, but she soon realized that this was not the case.

Firstly, there seemed to be no real discernible structure, as there would be in a Christian church. The service went on for hours, and people seemed to come and go as they pleased. There seemed to be a fair amount of socializing and wheeler dealing in the entrance area, and the objective of many of the attendees seemed to be to catch up on the latest gossip rather than to participate in a religious service.

Secondly, the service seemed to consist mainly of the Rabbi chanting in Hebrew, endlessly, and nobody seemed to take much notice, apart from three old men, dressed in black, who sat at the back. They looked as if they had always they had always been there, never moving, metaphorically covered in cobwebs. Two or three times an hour, while the Rabbi was chanting what sounded like, ‘Abraham, Israel, yeshiva shlomo moses Talmud, etc’ the three men in black suddenly stood up, rocked back and forth and started to chant, almost muttering to themselves, like drunks at a bus stop. “Hoy my boy, oy veh, you vont a suit, I do you a suit, Abraham, Israel, gaza, hoy my boy.” After a minute or so, and just as suddenly, they sat down again, almost as if someone had pulled a switch somewhere.

As the afternoon wore on, the Ant made two observations:

1. Judaism is clearly an ancient religion, and its culture and traditions have been jealously guarded, throughout the centuries even though its adherents were scattered throughout the world by the Diaspora. This preservation of cultural values is applauded the world over, which leads the Ant to ask why, if indigenous Europeans try and preserve their culture and way of life in the same way, they are branded as racists?

2. Why did the Men in Black find it necessary to sit in the back of a Synagogue all day, chanting periodically? If God is omnipotent and omniscient, why would he care if old men chant at Him, or praise Him. Wouldn’t He prefer that they use their talents to help others in need in their community, or do good works? We all have limited time on Earth, so why would He want people to waste it like that?

The more experience the Ant has of religion, the less she understands it

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Hate Crime?

The other day, the Ant was sitting in her front room, when she heard a commotion outside. Looking out of her window, she saw that four Police vans were parked in her street, and 3 burly policemen were banging on her next door neighbour’s door. Not wanting to get involved, she looked away, but a short time later, she saw her neighbour being dragged handcuffed from her home and shoved roughly in to the back of a police van.

Convinced that she lived next door to an axe murder, or at the very least a terrorist, the Ant reflected on the narrow escape she had had, living in such close proximity to such an evil criminal, and breathed a sigh of relief that her neighbour had been apprehended, and no doubt banged up for a significant period of time, before any serious damage had been done. Well done to the brave boys in blue!

A couple of days later, the Ant was surprised to see her neighbour in the garden, and, curiosity getting the better of her, she asked what had happened. Apparantly, she and another neighbour had been involved in a minor argument, which culminated in her calling him a ‘poof’. He had then complained to the Police, which resulted in her arrest, her home being searched , her computer, personal papers and £500 in cash being taken (as ‘evidence’) , her children temporarily taken in to care, and her being dragged violently out of her home in handcuffs, and taken to the local nick, on a charge of ‘hate crime‘.

After 15 hours being held in a freezing cold, faeces smeared cell, with nothing to eat or drink, she was taken to an interview room, and a brisk ‘confess now and we’ll go easy on you’ session ensued. By this time she was so desperate to get out that she agreed to accept a caution, after which she was immediately released, miles from home, with no money, at 3 in the morning. This, of course, is a fantastic result for the Police and the authorities: They have acquired some useful computer equipment, £500 cash, (which, of course, they will never return to the owner) and a conviction for hate crime to add to their Home Office statistics.

My neighbour now has a criminal conviction which means she will be unable to get a job with any government or quasi government organisation, and post traumatic stress disorder. Being of limited means, she can’t find the money to buy a new computer, and has no way of replacing the £500, her life savings, stolen by the authorities.

The Ant is a fan of documentaries on TV showing the police in action, but sifting through all her extensive memories of all the action she has seen, she can not remember seeing the police bravely arresting a middle aged woman and stealing her possessions, for calling someone a ‘poof’. Maybe this is something the Police aren’t proud of?

The Ant remembers, only a few years ago, when calling someone a ‘poof’ or ‘queer’, or ‘shirtlifter’, or similar, was not a crime, and everybody seemed to get along much better. Now, she is asking herself how on earth our civil authorities have turned our once great nation into a lunatic asylum, without anybody seeming to notice.

Ah well, such is life.

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ANC Death Squads in the ‘New South Africa’

About 20 years ago, at the tail end of the Apartheid era, the Ant was driving along South Africa’s then excellent roads, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Feeling the need to stop, she pulled off the national road and in to Lindley, a small town in the Orange Free State.

As she drove in to the centre of town, she noticed something strange: There appeared to be no ‘white’ centre. All the other towns she had visited had a separate section where the blacks lived, with their own shops, dirt roads, rubbish, and beggars, and another clean, well organised, litter free section where the whites lived in relative peace. Lindley, however, had no identifiable white section.

Instead, all the roads were lined with beggars and drunks, half the shops were boarded up, and in the rubbish strewn main square, a large group of blacks were swaying to the beat of some very loud music playing on an outdoor sound system. A few food stalls were doing a roaring trade selling ‘pap and vleis’, the staple diet of the African population.

The Ant spotted a parking spot near a clearly white run supermarket, and decided to park, for a short time, to buy provisions. As she approached the Afrikaans woman at the checkout, she asked what had happened to the once pristine town centre, to which her reply was, “It’s the New South Africa”. “Do you like the New South Africa?” asked the Ant. “No, not really.” came the reply.

The Ant revisited the same town a few weeks ago, but this time in a 4X4 vehicle, part of an armed convoy, and observed that there was absolutely no sign of any white people at all, anywhere, and the town was falling apart. The roads were virtually impassable by ordinary vehicles, and the centre of town had no identifiable shops at all. The park in the town square was now a shanty town, and rubbish and broken glass littered the streets. Even in an armed convoy, Lindley was now too dangerous to stop in.

The Ant recalled the woman in the shop, and reflected that she is probably dead, having been raped, tortured and murdered by an ANC death squad. This picture, from a local newspaper report, could easily be her:
Afrikaner woman murdered by ANC death squad

The Ant thought about all the rabid ‘Anti Apartheid’ movements of the 70’s and 80’s, and wondered if this is the result they were looking for. If so, she hopes they are proud of their very impressive achievement.

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Ethnic Cleansing and Aviation

The Ant was flying home from Qatar after a much needed holiday, recently. As she approached her seat she noted that the other seats in the row, and the row ahead, were occupied by a family of south Asians, including two screaming children, various women in traditional dress, and two enormous, grossly overweight men.
Fly Qatar Airways or any other airline, flying to Asia, and risk being ethincally cleansed

The Ant indicated that she held a boarding pass for a seat which was already festooned with coats, bags and assorted baby paraphernalia, and space was reluctantly made so that she could sit down. A smell of fetid breath and unwashed bodies assaulted her senses, and she realised that this journey was not going to be a pleasant experience. Worse still, as the plane took off, the male family member next to her started moving his body so as to invade her space, until she was being crushed against the window. This, along with the hostile glances in her direction, made her realise that there was a concerted campaign to make her move away.

As soon as the seatbelt sign went off, a stewardess appeared, and the ant explained that she was being forced out of her seat and could she move. The attendant, apparantly completely unsurprised by this occurrence, indicated a seat further forward, in a safe, caucasian part of the plane. The ant moved, and completed her journey in relative comfort.

As she sat counting the hours until the end of a long, tedious flight, the ant reflected that what had happened to her was a microcosm of the process of ethnic cleansing which is taking place all over the United Kingdom. A simple combination of obnoxious behaviour and concerted pressure is used to force the indigenous population to leave an area, so that it can be colonised by immigrants.

The Ant thought, as she handed her passport to an Asian immigration officer, and noted that there was hardly a white face to be seen at Heathrow, that probably, one day, her kinfolk would all be forced into the sea, when there are no more white areas left to escape to.

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Third World Britain

Cardinal Walter Kasper has been much villified of late for saying that Britain has become a third world country.

The Ant has no view on the merits or otherwise of this transformation, as she is just an observer, but she does concur with the Cardinal’s view, and recently, on a visit to Croydon, she took her digital camera with her to record the changes which have taken place in the past 10 years in that part of south London:

Lagos? Johannesburg? Harare? No, CROYDON!

Croydon Third World 2010

Croydon Third World 2010

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